About Me

I’m Zach

I haven’t eaten desserts or candy for 4 years, but I like açaí bowls and matching my socks with my ties. I’m in a storytelling guild and sometimes play washboard in a bluegrass band. I’ve read 40+ books from Orson Scott Card and listened to hundreds of hours of audio books in English and German.

I’m vulnerable, a full-time therapist, and a regular blogger. I’m passionate about passion, courage, and authenticity, and enjoy traveling, learning, writing, and dreaming. I sin and repent regularly, and I try to see God’s hand (HWN) in my life regularly.

My greatest adventures in life are to discover who I am, who God is, and who you are :) This blog is a record of my adventure!

And I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:)

Comments made on my blog are personal opinions and not a representation of any organization.

16 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Zach: Thanks for stopping by and liking my ForeWords blog. I’m part of a very different and divergent branch of the Latter Day Saint movement, the Community of Christ. All the best to you on your spiritual journey.

  2. Hello Zach, Interesting Bios and the fact that you are a Mormon How is Mormonism different from Traditional Christianity? I would like to know. What are the basic tenets of Mormonism? Anand Bose from Kerala

    1. Hey thanks for asking :) You can find a lot of answers at http://www.mormong.org! In general, I think we’re very similar to other branches of Christianity. Some main differences might include: current prophets and modern revelation, temple work and priesthood ordinances, and the Book of Mormon. Let me know if you’d like to talk more :) Feel free to email me through my contact page.

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