2.5 hours later…

Although it was 2.5 hours from our planned departure time to when we reached the hot springs, it was tons of fun — underwater rock-paper-scissors and patty cake on the bottom of a natural hot spring were some of the highlights :) And although we probably spent more time in the car than at the actual hot springs, the car ride was fun and enjoyable too!

(sorry I didn’t have more pictures to document, my phone ran out of batteries)

Earlier today, I submitted my application for my LCSW! (Licensed Clinical Social Worker), and celebrated with Costa Vida :)

And my parents arrived with my brother’s mission call, which he’ll be opening in the morning!

I heard HWN today through the ability to spend several hours with friends and still have fun, reaching my long-term goal of 4,000 hours for my LCSW, and seeing my family :)

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