A pound of gold

Gold Bars

Gold Flakes

Consider the worth of a one pound bar of gold.  How about divided into chunks and mixed in granite?  Or as flecks scattered in a pile of manure?  Or in the form of a Santa statue?  Which would you choose? … I’d take all four — the value of the gold doesn’t change!

Now… why is the gold valuable?  It’s because of our choice to value it, to accept that it’s beautiful and desirable.  Today, we choose to value 1 lb of gold at $16,772.64 or 289 Utah-minimum-wage work days (that’s more than a year! and that’s without factoring in tax!).

You may guess where this is headed… It’s a metaphor for us.  God has decided we are beautiful and desirable — that we are powerful, lovable, redeemable, and that we have infinite unchanging worth.  What’s left is our choice.  Do we choose to believe in our worth?  Do we believe that no choice, no experience, no failure, and no success can change it?

The great thing is, whereas the gold would be valued no more than dirt without our perception, our value stays the same whether we believe it or not.  It has already been set at infinity by our creator.  And no matter what condition we’re in (Santa or manure), the worth doesn’t change!

I heard HWN today through my friend’s well-timed and well-aimed analogy.

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