Always remember Him

Another quote about Christ today. A coworker of mine shared this with me today…

“It would be a good little interview with ourselves to ask, ‘How much of the affections of my heart are placed on the Lord? How often do I think about Him?’ Elder Holland says. “The underlying, fundamental pledge of the sacrament prayer as we offer it each Sunday is to remember. … I’m not sure we remember Him enough. I’m not sure we think about Him enough. And just remembering wouldn’t do it all, but that would be a first step if you say you’re going to be like Him.” (Elder Holland)

I wonder how different my life would be if I really thought about Christ more often… maybe even more often than any other one thing. I think the changes could be drastic!

I heard HWN today as I pondered the quality and frequency of my pondering on Christ :)

p.s. Also had fun celebrating Dallin and Taylor’s birthday today :) Happy Birthday!


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