Harold Wheeler Smith

An answer 80 years in the making

An answer 80 years in the making

A fervent prayer

My mom and her brother both currently have some health concerns, which brings stress and worry. Understandably, they have been praying for help and support!

Last Wednesday (5/13/2020) in particular, my uncle prayed with his parents in mind, thinking it would be nice to know they’re watching.

An unexpected answer

The next day, he found an old pair of clippers in a neighbor’s driveway…

…and he knew they were watching :)

Why is that significant?

Sometime at least 80 years ago my great grandfather Harold Smith bought a pair of clippers that he used for decades in his work as an arborist.

Harold Wheeler Smith

At some point, my grandfather Frederick Smith inherited and used the clippers for decades. In fact, they were in his hand in 2000 when he passed away of a heart attack in his backyard.

And now my uncle Mark Smith has used them for decades, until about 6 months ago when without realizing it he left them on the back of his truck.

They fell off sometime on the drive. Mark searched his memory and surroundings for months trying to find them. In fact, I remember hearing him about 1.5 months ago say…

“I wish I could

find those clippers!”

Fast-forward to last Thursday (5/14/2020), the day after he prayed… My cousin Andrea texted Mark a picture of a rattlesnake she saw in his neighborhood.

Mark was driving by the area she described a short time later, and he kept looking toward the side of the road for the snake.

He never found it, but it hardly mattered, because of what he found instead!

The Lord thy God shall give thee answer to thy prayers.

D&C 112:10

(Snakes get a bad rap from their role in Genesis, but last week this one helped answer a prayer :)

It was significant to Mark

Mark felt an answer from our Heavenly Parents in that moment.

This experience was a reminder that They and his earthly parents are still watching over him and my mom :)

A commemoration

The next day (5/15/2020) was the 20-year anniversary of when my grandfather passed away with the clippers in his hand.

I got to go with Mark, my mom, and the clippers to visit the cemetery where my grandfather, grandmother, and another uncle are buried.

Our Heavenly Parents timing sometimes seems strange, and it often isn’t quick, but it’s always right.

There’s more…

On Sunday (5/17/2020), Mark went back to the driveway where he found the clippers and knocked on the front door. He learned that the woman had found and placed them there 6 months ago!

Every time she saw them, she just kept thinking…

“I guess the owner will

find them someday.”

Mark didn’t notice the conspicuous clippers for 6 months, even though he drove by them every day and thought about them almost as often!

He didn’t notice them until the day after he prayed specifically to know that he was being watched over.

An answer 80 years in the making

I like to believe that our Heavenly Parents knew even 80 years ago when great grandfather Harold bought those clippers that someday they would help answer Mark’s prayer :)

p.s. I’m still in California and made a couple more drone videos during quarantine :)

It’s been nice to have some family be able to quarantine together!

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Even if we sometimes have to wear masks to go to the beach!

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