Beach and Temple

Listening to the waves at the beach today was therapeutic :) I went with my mom, Danny, Jen, and Jere to Oceanside this morning, and the weather turned out great! We played “three amigos” and beach volleyball, and enjoyed the water. I also spent about 10 minutes just listening to the sounds of the beach.

(about 5 minutes of what I heard with auto-loop. Enjoy!)


This evening I went with my parents and participated in an endowment session in the San Diego Temple. We met my cousin Sean and his wife Sam for dinner at Urban Plate beforehand, and they joined us in the session. Also, our friend Ben received his endowment today. In the celestial room, we had an uplifting spiritual conversation, and I felt a strengthened resolve to consciously remember and keep the covenants I made in the temple.

I heard HWN today through the peace and strength that came from nature and the holy temple :)

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