Believing is seeing

Now that my coworker has returned, and this won’t ruin the surprise, I wanted to post a picture of my revenge for the sticky-note attack last week:


Also, I got a cute Christmas card and very creative poem from my brother Josh and his wife Amanda in the mail :) Go ahead and read it if you get a chance:

In the evening, I watched The Santa Clause with some friends. And, although some of my readers (you know who you are) say any “normal” person would not show emotion during movies, this is one that I can get into. Here’s one of the quotes I enjoyed:

Neil: What about Santa’s reindeer? Have you even seen a reindeer fly?
Charlie: Yes.
Neil: Well, I haven’t.
Charlie: Have you ever seen a million dollars?
Neil: No.
Charlie: Just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean is doesn’t exist.

This good lesson from 6-year-old Charlie :) about the principle of faith was my HWN today.

p.s. Paul and I finished our sing-along version of the music video we’ve been working on, and we’re hoping to have them up on YouTube within the next week or so! :)


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