Choosing service and Seeing answers

Sometimes I pray for help in dating… Frequently actually. This evening was one of those times. I prayed for help before going to BYU’s family history center for a couple hours, and what happens when I get there? A girl comes up to talk to me… (insert chuckle here) …let me rephrase, a grandma comes up to talk to me. She asked for help attaching a picture to an email and posting on facebook. She came back a couple times asking some clarifying questions. “Great interruption…” I thought to myself, “if only the same thing might happen with someone closer to my age.”

I recognized and decided to change my negative attitude towards serving. So I went over to her computer and walked her through the steps. She was so grateful for something I take for granted (understanding email and facebook). And coincidentally the email/facebook post she created was about gratitude as well! I heard HWN today in that opportunity to serve :)

Later, I went out to my car to leave, and she was parked next to me. She rolled down her window, wished me a happy thanksgiving, and asked for my number to set me up on a date with one of her granddaughters ;) I don’t know or expect that anything will come of that, but it’s a good reminder that the Lord often answers prayers in unexpected ways!


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