A theme for me this week has been courage… “the courage to defy the consensus, the courage to stand for principle,” because “courage, not compromise, brings the smile of God’s approval.” (Thomas S. Monson)


Courage for me is a reflection of my commitment — to covenants, to goals, and to integrity, particularly during trials. I wrote last week about making decisions, and many decisions are more than a one-time thing. For example, I chose a long time ago to believe in God, and now I choose every day again to trust in that choice and recognize the evidences I see of Him in my life. I have chosen to stretch myself with various goals, and now I choose to trust that they’ll be good for me in the long run, even with how hard they are in the moment!

I heard HWN this week in opportunities to have courage! And my hope is similar to that of Bishop Caussé (for me and for you):

“I pray that you will feel the love of our Heavenly Father in your life, that you will know how to trust yourself as He trusts you.” (We are the Architects of our own Happiness)

As for other highlights of the week… first was a hike to Silver Lake on memorial day:

And, another one was finishing out the intramurals season for ultimate Frisbee and kickball… even though we were eliminated in the first round of the tournament for both :/ At least we had fun, and we never had to forfeit!




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