Creating circumstances

I’ll try not to lose you in the context for this post…

I recently learned that my apartment contract for the Fall was rejected (sadly they let me know only 2 weeks before my current contract was up, and almost 2 months after they had accepted my contract), so I’m in search of a new place. My aunt kindly offered her spare bedroom for me if nothing else works out :) During my decision making process, I realized that I am defaulting to this option, because it’s available; however, I want to make a conscious decision… If I end up there, I want it to be by choice, and not default.

In retrospect, I can look back and see decisions in my life that I let happen; however, this is a habit I want to change. I’m meant to be a creator of circumstances and not a creature of circumstances.

I heard HWN today through this understanding of agency.

p.s. My roommate Paul Soderquist is an inspiration to me :) He told me this evening about how he is planning to change his future through his decisions. I hope the world is ready for him!

Paul Soderquist on the piano


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