Deciding On My Own

I like counseling with my Heavenly Parents about concerns and big decisions.

Especially during general conference weekend :) I was able to ponder on various questions and feel guidance in those regards.

However I recently had another concern on my mind. A time sensitive one. After several days of pondering and praying about it, I was surprised and confused to find any guidance.

I didn’t remember this principle as much at the time, but I’m learning that:

When we explain a problem and a proposed solution, sometimes He answers yes, sometimes no. Often He withholds an answer, not for lack of concern, but because He loves us—perfectly. He wants us to apply truths He has given us. For us to grow, we need to trust our ability to make correct decisions. We need to do what we feel is right. 

Richard G. Scott, Learning to Recognize Answers to Prayer

 For us to grow, we need to trust our ability to make correct decisions. We need to do what we feel is right. 

When it came down to it, I didn’t need help.

After getting all the info my Heavenly Parents knew I would get, I was able to easily make a decision that I knew for myself was right :) I just didn’t know I would know it until much later.

I started this post before this weekend’s sessions of general conference, but enjoyed Elder Renland’s appropriate words along these lines. He pointed out that Mary Poppins left Jane and Michael Banks when she realized…

They’ve got to do the next bit on their own.

Mary Poppins

Sometimes we have to be like the Banks.

It takes courage, but in order to succeed in life and become like our Heavenly Parents, we sometimes need to make difficult decisions on our own, because…

God is not interested in His children just becoming trained and obedient ‘pets,’ who will not chew on His slippers in the Celestial living room. No, God wants His children to grow up spiritually and join Him in the family business.

Dale G. Renlund

My recent HWN was being reminded about how my Heavenly Parents respond to questions they know I can figure it out on my own.

p.s. Here are some highlights from the last month :)

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