Did he hear it too?


I just visited a periodontist (gums specialist).  During a chat with the doctor, he mentioned some concern about a loved one, and asked for any advice.  A lesson from David A. Bednar at a leadership forum last month came to mind.

Elder Bednar was asked for thoughts on how to work with people who are reluctant to change.  Holding a water bottle in his hand, he prompted us to imagine openings on both sides (top and bottom), big enough for only one grain of sand.  Being full of dark sand, the way to change it to light sand was one grain at a time — pushing a light grain in one side pushed out a dark one on the other… “I’m afraid it doesn’t go faster than that,” he taught.

Holding a water bottle in my hand, I shared this with my doctor.  He got somewhat teary eyed, saying “thank you” and “you came in for help from me, but I really needed it from you.”  Did he hear haven’t white noise?

I heard heaven’s white noise today in helping another find direction.

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