Doubt not the Lord nor his goodness

This morning I listened to Choose the Light by Elder Vern P. Stanfill from the last general conference. He quoted one line from the hymn, We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet, that helped summarize one of his main points:

“Doubt not the Lord nor his goodness [for] we’ve proved him in days that are past.”

I appreciate this principle. When I encounter questions to my faith, I choose to rely on my own experiences from the past, particularly evidences of God’s goodness, as I’m finding answers :) I’m grateful for these experiences that help me understand truth and exercise faith!

Also, here are some pics from the last couple days. With Matt and Chandler still in town, we visited Cupbop yesterday :)

Cupbop bus

And as another one of their favorite places to eat, we went to Bombay house tonight!

Bombay House

They’re making the most of their time in Provo — we also went to J-Dawgs yesterday and we’re going to Rumbi Island Grill tomorrow :)

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