Faith in the future

Sometimes we worry about the future… personally, I have a goal for eternal marriage, and my worries often relate to that.  Tonight in family scripture study, we read about the stripling warriors.  Their conviction is an inspiration to me!

“…they are strict to remember the Lord their God from day to day; yea, they do observe to keep his statutes, and his judgments, and his commandments continually’ and their faith is strong in the prophecies concerning that which is to come.” (Alma 58:40)

If I do more like these young men in remembering the Lord and observing His statutes and commandments continually, I think my faith could become a little more like theirs :)  My faith in my patriarchal blessing for example, which prophesies of marriage in a temple of the Lord, could be “strong.”

I heard heaven’s white noise today through personal inspiration from the word of God.

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