Feeling loved 2

Here’s the first thing I saw when I entered my office today…

Post-it Attacked

Apparently, I’m pretty forgetful, so my coworkers left me post-it notes of everything I need to remember! …actually, they were all kind notes or inside jokes :) A fun way to start my Friday morning! And after some snooping, I found out which coworkers conspired to write the notes last night — thanks guys! :) (p.s. click here to see an experience this reminded me of from back in February, and which I named this post after)

This evening, I got to watch my cousins help the Orem varsity basketball team to a win after an intense game. And my cousin Shawn scored the last 3 pointer to tie the game taking, them into overtime. That was an adrenaline rush!

After that, I met my friend Heston and a new friend Thaila at Wild Ginger, for all you-you-can-eat sushi. I’m sure all the sushi we ate would have cost double had we paid for rolls individually… and I think the fact that the price didn’t go up with each new role made it taste even better :) And since I haven’t had enough pictures of sushi on my blog lately…

When I came to the BYU library to work on my blog post, I ran into one of my previous roommates (although only for less than 2 weeks while I was couch surfing between apartments), Justin. We had a short conversation, and I heard HWN today as he shared his testimony of the blessings Heavenly Father has in store for us as we are obedient — literally every righteous desire we have and more!

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