Finding optimism in Mexico

I got back from Mexico yesterday :) (check out my day-by-day photo album)

Delayed flights and indigestion aside, the trip was awesome!

Several things contributed… Going with a good friend, visiting exciting and unique places, good $ conversion rates, no work worries, gorgeous weather (especially while missing the Utah winter storm!), tasty food, and no social media! I didn’t plan on that last one, but I’m glad it happened — it helped me be more present.

My time was so relaxing!

Leaving behind stress of daily life for a week, I was able to enjoy myself and think more clearly about life. Especially on bus and Uber rides, laying in bed, or sitting in front of a nice view.


I recognized how blessed I am.

I reflected on things I’ve prayed for, and found examples of those hopes being fulfilled. In one case, I was reminded of something I prayed for months ago and then forgot about, but Heavenly Father didn’t :)

The overall takeaway was optimism.

Taking time to be grateful helped foster confidence. Because so many hopes of the past have come true in the present, I also know that hopes of the present will come in the future.

Maybe it isn’t the case for everyone, but it takes effort for me to continuously believe that. My hopes often seem to be fulfilled in a slow process… making it easy to miss and hard to recognize the source. But somehow when I acknowledge that blessings came from God, His hand in the process seem to become more clear.

My HWN recently has been knowing Heavenly Father loves and blesses me, and hoping this knowledge can continue to grow!

6 thoughts on “Finding optimism in Mexico

  1. Awesome post, man! I loved going through your album, too! I agree, so many beautiful colors! Thanks for sharing and letting me experience Mexico through you!

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