Good enough to date?

Two insights came to my mind as I saw a couple tonight and felt jealous (“I’m good enough for a relationship like that, right?”).

First, my worth is independent from my relationship status.

Second, my relationship status is independent from my worth.

This means, whether I’m in a relationship or not, my worth is constant. It also means there is no certain threshold of goodness, attractiveness, righteousness, or any-other-good-quality-ness, to be reached at which point my new girlfriend will come knocking on my door.

So, “am I good enough to date?” Yes! And so are you :) I think the value to be in a relationship is inherent to human existence. It’s impossible to lose and so does not need to be earned. This doesn’t mean that everyone will want to be in a relationship with me or I with everyone — especially a romantic one. It does mean that we’re all worth it!

“The worth of souls is great in the sight of God.” (D&C 18:10)

I heard HWN today through these insights given through the Spirit :)

Holding Hands

p.s. After negotiating with offers and counter offers, I’m now under contract with the house I put an offer on a couple weeks ago!

3 thoughts on “Good enough to date?

  1. Pretty sure there are already wannabe girlfriends knocking at your door. Someday it will be the right wannabe. :)

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