Good to Great :)

Bad day: needing 10 minutes to get inside the temple because I parked on the wrong side, forgot my temple bag in my car, and then went the long way around — all in the rain!

Good day: spending several hours in the Manti Temple, doing sessions and initiatories :)

Great day: running into one of my best friends, Graden, inside the temple and doing initiatories together!  What’s more, many of the people we went through for were from Finland.  This was Graden’s first time doing temple work for Finns since his mission there :)

I heard HWN today through these tender mercies of the Lord!

p.s. the storm outside was a great contrast to the peace I felt inside the temple :)

p.p.s. check out the view from my motel :)


p.p.p.s.  I’m stoked for Graden’s sealing tomorrow morning!

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