His hand in all things

Paul and I met last night to discuss our next music video… I pondered our plans today and felt inspired on how to make it awesome (in my subjective opinion) and I’m excited to film it :) I said a prayer and thanked Heavenly Father for the ideas and excitement. Presently, I started to wonder, was this in fact something I should give Heavenly Father credit for? Maybe this is just a hobby or talent I’ve always had but didn’t discover it until recently…?

In the end, I decided it doesn’t matter (my HWN today). Heavenly Father created me, and he created this world — I wouldn’t know the excitement or even the idea of film without Him. And so I thank Him for helping me discover something I’m excited about, and for helping me be exciting about something I discovered :)

In nothing doth man offend God

Later tonight I went bowling with some siblings, cousins and friends :)

And later later tonight, I visited my friends from Centennial, and Cait proved that you can lick your elbow! Not the best lighting, but here’s the proof…

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