His way

There are so many ways I try to find happiness.

Many bring temporary happiness, and some bring lasting joy :) My HWN recently has been pondering on Christ as the way to happiness :)

A few days ago, this sentence stuck out to me from The Living Christ:

His way is the path that leads to happiness in this life and eternal life in the world to come.”

Here’s one of many places this principle is taught… Happiness truly comes through Christ!

Sometimes it takes trust to experience that happiness.

Sometimes I want happiness now. I act on impulses trying to find it — wasting time on social media, surfing the internet, over-indulging on any good thing… etc. Rather than trust that acting on values will lead to happiness in the long run. It takes trust to wait!

Along similar lines, I got to hear Elder Holland speak to LDS Family Services employees today :) He quoted himself from October 2013 Conference saying:

“It is only an appreciation of this divine love [referring to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ’s love] that will make our own lesser suffering first bearable, then understandable, and finally redemptive.”

Sometimes suffering has to precede our happiness.

Somehow our suffering becomes exalting and redemptive when we appreciate divine love :) Heavenly Father allows us to suffer as a key to our redemption. And during the suffering we’re left to choose to trust in joy to come and not give in to temporary happiness!

p.s. I hiked Mt. Nebo with Danny, Sarah, and Sarah’s parents on Saturday! Check out all the pics here.

p.p.s. Check out this sweet potato racer my partner and I made for Spud-Racing at FHE last night.

p.p.p.s. I caught a squirrel and a bird on camera at temple square :) Both right in front of me!

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