How we respond to His love

This week I pondered more on love… how I experience it, and how I can express it towards others. One of my experiences with HWN this week came during Elder Christofferson’s general conference talk, “Abide in my Love,” yesterday afternoon. He spoke about God’s love in a way that expresses well some of what I’ve felt:

“God’s love is infinite and it will endure forever, but what it means for each of us depends on how we respond to His love.”

I know God’s love is unconditionally offered to me, but I experience it conditional upon my choices. Opening myself up to this love is a challenge and a blessing :) And I know that He still loves me, even when I choose not to accept or feel it — when I sin or prioritize other things before Him.

Similarly, sometimes I offer my love to others, but they choose not to receive it… particularly in dating. In the end, it doesn’t have to diminish my capacity to love them, nor my desire for their happiness. I’m grateful for the blessing of loving someone even when they don’t accept my love completely. This helps me put their happiness above my own, and rejoice in their joy :) In a way, it even protects me from heartbreak.

Other highlights of the week… It was my golden birthday on Thursday :) I turned 29 on the 29th! Some of my best gifts were letters from my brother and sister on their missions…

Birthday Letter from Jenny

Birthday Letter from Jeremy

…and time with my family :)



Friday night, my parents and I got to enjoy BYU football beating Toledo by 2 in the final play of the game (55 – 53)!

BYU football vs Toledo

Conference was wonderful, and I was blessed to enjoy the first two sessions at the Eppich’s house (with a traditional game of lava tag in between)!

Lava Tag

It was nice to continue tradition joining my dad and brother for priesthood session with hamburgers after :)

Dinner at Culver's

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