It is not expedient now

I read D&C 9 this morning as part of my scripture study. This section was directed to Oliver Cowdery after his attempt to translate the Book of Mormon. Here’s what he was told:

“Behold, it was expedient when you commenced; but you feared, and the time is past, and it is not expedient now.” (D&C 9:11)

Regarding this window of opportunity Oliver had been given, Elder Holland commented that he “missed the opportunity of a lifetime because he didn’t seize it in the lifetime of the opportunity.” I know I have missed opportunities of a lifetime, because I didn’t seize them in the lifetime of the opportunity. Fortunately, Christ provides a way for repentance and change through the atonement!

My HWN today was a reminder to take opportunities when they come! And to repent quickly when we miss them!


p.s. Check out the cool pattern on my blog stats for the week :) This is the first time I’ve had 7 days of increasing views! (of course, the views on the first couple days were pretty low here…)


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