Lost Talent?

Paul and I participated in a talent show a couple weeks ago :)

As you’ll notice… My phone cut out about a minute before we were done. Right at the big reveal!!

Paul used his amazing animation skills though to animate what happened for the rest of the act :)

We had to be okay letting go.

We reached out to all our friends who were at the performance. Unfortunately nobody else recorded our act :/ And this was a one-time thing! We lost our talent! All our time and effort preparing just to finish without a recording… And if there’s no recording, it didn’t happen, right?

That’s kind of how we felt… but we decided that our memories of the experience are enough :) And we don’t need YouTube to know the experience in order to validate it :)

My HWN was having the great experience with friends and learning to be okay with it happening in the past :)

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