No shortage of love!

This quote reminded me today of the principle that inspired my blog title:

“God’s love fills the immensity of space; therefore, there is no shortage of love in the universe, only in our willingness to do what is needed to feel it. To do this, Jesus explained we must ‘love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, … soul, … strength, and … mind; and thy neighbour as thyself’ (Luke 10:27).” (Elder Groberg, October 2004)

Heaven’s white noise is Christ’s presence and love in my life that I willingly choose to see :)

Elder Cook, Christ's Love

I heard HWN today through this quote reminding me of why I write a blog post every day!!!

p.s. Quinlan, Rachel and I ran into a flock of quails on our walk back from Y Mountain. Also, I had to document Rachel’s first ever visit to 7 Eleven and first Slurpee


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