Pondering Perspective

Another full day in Arizona :)

One of my favorite parts (my HWN today) was walking around the Mesa Temple, pondering on my relationship with Heavenly Father and how He sees me.

For example, I pondered on the disparity between His and my perspective. When I look at myself, I habitually base my judgement of how I’ve been doing on the last 2 – 5 days. That’s about the extent of my mental/memory capacity… I compare my very recent decisions with who I want to be.

On the other hand, God sees me in the context of my eternal past, my eternal future, and everything in between. Presently, this is beyond my comprehension, but He has at times let me see a taste of that — see myself “as I really am.” It’s a humbling and inspiring vision at the same time! I want to bring my habitual perspective more in line with His!

Group Shot, Mesa Temple

Also, here are some other highlights of the day…

As promised, I got a shot (although not the best) of Camelback Mountain.

Camelback Mountain

The weather was amazing!

And we enjoyed making (and eating!) a yellow curry dinner tonight!

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