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What’s it like?

I’ve been in Houston for 10 days to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. I got to volunteer through LDS Charities with American Red Cross on the disaster mental health team. You can check out my photo album with daily descriptions here.

Friends and family have asked me what it’s like. Honestly, it’s been an inspiration. Sharing some of the quotes I’ve heard may be one of the best ways to show what I’m experiencing…

On the one I hand so many people have said “I’ve lost everything!” or things such as…

“We just finished repairs from the last flood.”

“This is my 7th flood in this house.”

“We got 5 or 6 feet of water in our house.”

“I’ll have to start all over”

“I don’t have flood insurance.”

“I have 10 kids… lots of mouths to feed.”

On the other hand, I’ve heard from the same people…

“If it’s happened then it’s God’s will, and that’s where I get my trust.”

“God is good. This is just a trial and I’ll make it through.”

“There are others who have it worse.”

“I don’t know how to fall.”

“We’re still blessed.”

“My dad told me if you look down then you go down, so I look up.”

“You gotta have faith.”

“We’ll make it better than before.”

“You have to let go of the bitter and embrace the better.”

And one of my favorites:

“How can you know that God can restore if you’ve never lost? How can you know God can heal if you’ve never been broken?”

What they say is inspiring!

Rather than focusing on what they lost, so many people are focusing on what that have. Rather than anger, so many people are turning to gratitude. Rather than being hardened, they’ve been softened by this disaster.

I came here to help support people socially and emotionally, but sometimes it has seemed like the other way around :) like I’m the one being supported! Although I’ve met some who are discouraged and disillusioned, by and large most people seemed to be encouraged and inspired!

My HWN the last couple weeks has come from seeing gratitude, service, and faith in the people around me!

(update: we ended up in a Mormon Newsroom article and video)

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