Really good friends Part II

As I’m still in recovery from my surgery, I’m trying to follow the recommended soft-foods-only diet. Last night I returned home late with a growling stomach and few options to fill it. To my surprise and great joy, however, two more great friends chose to serve. Michelle and Elyssa made delicious mashed potatoes and picked up some applesauce for me. This fed me for dinner last night and lunch today! The love and care I feel is as filling as the food :)


Later, I had a pretty long day at work, and a couple of my co-workers noticed I looked like I needed a break. Although I wanted to tough it out, they decided to cover a few of my responsibilities and drive me home a couple hours earlier than my carpool was scheduled for. When I got home, I found some delicious still-warm sweet potatoes waiting for me for dinner.


I heard heaven’s white noise today through service from more really good friends.

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