Roses in December

On the way home from Burger Supreme, one of my new friends mentioned the city Chihuahua, and I had a flashback. This is probably one of those you-had-to-be-there moments, but here goes…

My first time playing Cranium, I tested someone in spelling “chihuahua,” however I hadn’t ever spelled it myself, so I pronounced it as chi-hu-a-hu-a ;) Later, a friend of mine had to manipulate someone else as a puppet to get us to guess the phrase “changing a diaper.” Imagine large teenage boy #1 dropping even larger teenage boy #2 to the ground in order to change his diaper.  Pretty soon, #2 freaks out and fights back, yelling “What are you doing!?!” The rest of us are rolling on the floor in laughter :)


I heard HWN today through re-living hilarious memories!

p.s. New friends who invited me to Burger Supreme with them today :)


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