Shoot for the moon

Although there are a lot of things I find very immature from my 9-year-ago self, one thing I admire was my strong hope and faith. I reflected today on a story from the beginning of my mission, where several unexpected delays finally led to miraculous timing in answering a friend’s prayer. Throughout the whole experience, I had the drive to keep going :)

I heard HWN in sharing this story with some coworkers today. We discussed what we can do to avoid jadedness and taking-for-granted-ness that can come with time and experience. A more “mature” me in that 9-year-ago experience may have given up sooner, being realistic. I think dreaming big though is often the way to go :)

A friend of mine once said: “Shoot for the moon, and even if you only make it half way, that’s still higher than you ever would have jumped otherwise.” :)


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