Some things don’t change (how fortunate!)

It’s been a month since my last post

That’s the longest I’ve ever gone without posting — and a lot has happened! I participated in a paint war (see pics here); my car was stolen; my car was recovered; I saw some miracles and tragedies with clients at work; I drove to Banff (Canada) and back within 5 days (check out my photo album); I got to pretend to be Zorro on his trusted steed Tornado; I spent a lot of time with family; I rolled my ankle playing soccer; and I taught a ward FHE :)

I also went on a couple blind dates, and I started crushing on a different girl and worked up the courage to ask her on a date ;) (Left a voicemail earlier this evening… waiting to hear back… waiting is tough… fingers crossed!)

I’m grateful for constants

Most of those things in the paragraphs above weren’t planned on before July. But they all happened. The month kind of feels like a blur! But I’m grateful for daily habits that help me keep going. I daily study God’s word in scripture, pray, and look for God’s hand in my life. And those things make all the difference! I need, expect, and see blessings (my HWN this month) that come from from them :)

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