They did dwell in tents

This one might be tough if your not inside my head, but today I read:

“And there being but little timber upon the face of the land, nevertheless the people who went forth became exceedingly expert in the working of cement; therefore they did build houses of cement, in the which they did dwell… And the people who were in the land northward did dwell in tents, and in houses of cement.” (Helaman 3:7, 9)

The context… I struggle with decision making, often getting stuck on opportunity cost, or procrastinating a decision until I have only one option left. Currently, I’m looking into buying a home, and there are so many options, from tiny homes, to mansions. Of course, all aren’t within my budget, but even so, the options are limitless and changing every day.

While reading these verses, I felt that (1) Heavenly Father is aware of my decision, and (2) it doesn’t matter to Him whether I live in a mansion or a tent :) What’s more important to him is that I learn to trust myself and become a decision maker!

I heard HWN through personal insight during scripture study :)

p.s. Here are some fun pictures from a froyo run after FHE.

↑ 7 people in one car…

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