Two days of HWN

For my many avid readers… you may have noticed that I missed a post on Friday. That was in fact the first day I’ve missed since starting my blog in February. My blog had 23 hours of downtime (server problems), and I wasn’t able to post Friday night :(

So, as for Friday, here it is :)

D.I. group shot

We had lots of fun picking out clothes for each other at Deseret Industries, and then posing for a fashion show :) We never did decide who won the “best outfit” contest… if you have a vote, post below!

After DI, we played capture the flag in the JFSB, got kicked out of the JFSB, played some card games, and solved riddles. It was a fun evening :)

Today I got to watch my roommate Matt perform with The Strike at a tree lighting ceremony at Traverse Mountain Outlets. Emily was with me, and it was tons of fun :) They’re an exciting band to watch!

And Jenny and I went to see Spectre later this evening… pretty intense movie!

I heard HWN the last two days in being able to spend time with good friends and great siblings :)


Recordings of what Em and I watched :)

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