What can I sacrifice?

Sometimes I’m blessed with a confirmation through the Holy Spirit that Heavenly Father is happy with me :) I sought for and felt that this week (my HWN). I think this knowledge is a wonderful and necessary part of life. In this regard, Joseph Smith said:

An actual knowledge to any person that the course of life which he pursues is according to the will of God, is essentially necessary to enable him to have that confidence in God, without which no person can obtain eternal life. (Lectures on Faith)

I think this type of knowledge is a gift :) and a key to receiving it is sacrifice. Joseph Smith also taught:

…it is through the medium of the sacrifice of all earthly things, that men do actually know that they are doing the things that are well pleasing in the sight of God. (Lectures on Faith)

What can I sacrifice?

I think it’s a good exercise to reflect in our individual lives on “all earthly things.” What are the earthly things in my life that I can sacrifice?

It’s not too difficult to think of a few things… Sometimes it’s trying to meet real needs in artificial ways, like seeking true connection via social media. Other times it’s acting on fear that I’m not good enough, looking for acceptance from people rather than from myself and from Heavenly Father. Or it could be rationalizing small insults against my integrity, such as “everyone does it anyways,” and “nobody will find out, right?”

These are a few of the ways I can give Heavenly Father my heart and mind. And sacrificing these things helps me know Heavenly Father is happy :) and through this knowledge I can be…

…enabled, through faith, to combat the powers of darkness, contend against the wiles of the adversary, overcome the world, and obtain the end of [my] faith, even the salvation of [my soul]. (Lectures on Faith)

p.s. I enjoyed a hike and trip to Lava Hot Springs yesterday with my friend Todd yesterday. Check out the pictures here!

2 thoughts on “What can I sacrifice?

  1. Our sacrifice of anything that gets in between us and God is a necessary measure in strengthening our relationship with Him. May we all search our hearts to find sacrifices for praise unto God! Thanks for the message, Zach.

  2. Good post today Zach. You seem to grasp where the truth is to be found. Enjoy your Journey. Pictures were great. We here in Texas are not willing to endure the 98 degree heat to take a hike. We will wait til Fall.

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