What I’m ready to see

This week, my HWN was being reminded of the importance of conscious preparation. Recently, I’ve prayed more for various opportunities — to serve, do missionary work, and to meet girls I may be attracted to. I had one or more chances in each of those areas this week that I didn’t recognize until it was too late… sad, right?

I’m reminded of Oliver Cowdery and his attempt to translate, about which the Lord said:

“…it was expedient when you commenced; but you feared, and the time is past, and it is not expedient now” (D&C 9:11).

Elder Holland summarized that he:

“…missed the opportunity of a lifetime because he didn’t seize it in the lifetime of the opportunity” (Cast Not Away Therefore Your Confidence).

This also makes me think of the Nephites at the time of Christ’s coming who “were also conversing about this Jesus Christ, of whom the sign had been given concerning his death.” And when they heard the voice of the Father introducing His Son, they “understood it not” (3 Nephi 11:2-4).

Sometimes, I miss the things I want the most because I’m not looking for them at the right time… thus the importance of constant conscious preparation. I want to keep my heart and thoughts in the right place to be ready when opportunities come!

And some highlights from the week…

Tuesday night I saw The Jungle Book with some friends and family :)

The Jungle Book

Nathan and I went Bowling on Wednesday night (May the 4th be with you!), and our friend Corinne from Temecula works there! She gave us a generous employee discount :)

This afternoon my family and I got to skype Elder Jeremy Duvall!

Skype, Jeremy, mom day 2016

Tonight Nathan, Hannah, and I played some games at our apartment, and had a fun time chatting :)


And finally, happy mother’s day mom :)


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