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Why I’m more optimistic about politics in 2020

Why I’m more optimistic about politics in 2020

The past

I grew up in a republican family in a conservative pocket of Southern California, and I attended a conservative university.

I don’t think my family or community intended to teach this, but over time I learned that Republicans are good and right and Democrats are evil and wrong.

The closer past

I completed a graduate degree in social work, a field which attracts a more liberal crowd. And now I’ve lived a few years in Salt Lake City, the most liberal part of Utah.

In these settings I sense a common perception that Democrats are good and right and Republicans are evil and wrong.

The present

The political climate of 2020 has made this dichotomy of finger pointing and condemnation, this us versus them, even more apparent.

two young boys angrily pointing fingers at each other
The beautiful

Regardless of the political culture I’ve lived in, I’ve met good people. That experience and the extreme juxtaposition of political opinions in 2020 have led me to question the validity of one side being the side.

Stepping back, I realized that most people want the same things — to promote safety, improve equality, increase opportunity, raise quality of life… etc.

There are beautiful people with beautiful (very similar!) intentions all across the political spectrum :)

The different

Sadly, it seems like the difference that most emphatically divides people is actually arbitrary. It comes down to two words: Democrat or Republican.

However, the shared goals and core intentions are so much more relevant and so much more substantial.

Really the biggest differences are in how people want to achieve the goals and how far away they think we are from achieving them.

The journey

Of course, I have come across people who I fundamentally disagree with on many things. And of course I have personal opinions on what the best policies could be. However, I can still say that I agree with most people on the underlying goals. I think the vast majority of us can!

How scary and sad it is when we think the other half of the country (164 million people!) is evil and wrong. That attitude places road blocks to reaching our common goals. It suffocates compromise and progress.

On the other hand, how beautiful it is when we remember that we’re on the same team, working towards the same goals. The best ideas from all sides can be combined and people can compromise to make a beautiful journey towards our goals :)

The country isn’t as polarized as people make it out to be when you consider goals and intentions.

That makes me optimistic about politics in 2020 :)

p.s. since my last post…

McKay and I won a local Amazing Race :)

McKay and Zach holding a fake giant check as winners

My sisters and I watched Murder on the Orient Express for my birthday.

Zach, Emily, and Jenny outside of the Hale Center Theater

And I got to perform in another (socially distanced) outdoor concert :)

band posing for outdoor concert

2 thoughts on “Why I’m more optimistic about politics in 2020

  1. I like your post. I am a republican. I voted for Trump. It looks like Biden has won the election. OK ,it is what it is. I will support my new president as if I had voted for him and I will wish for the best. I won’t riot. I won’t pout. I will go on with my life as an adult. I will make the best of the next four years. Hope everyone can be above the BS and live in harmony. This is what we all need to do as a human the race. God or whoever please bless us all. We all have thee right to believe what we do.

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