25¢ Newspaper

I heard this seemingly unremarkable yet didactic story today…

“Some 30 years ago, while working in the corporate world, some business associates and I were passing through O’Hare Airport in Chicago, Illinois. One of these men had just sold his company for tens of millions of dollars—in other words, he was not poor.

“As we were passing a newspaper vending machine, this individual put a quarter in the machine, opened the door to the stack of papers inside the machine, and began dispensing unpaid-for newspapers to each of us. When he handed me a newspaper, I put a quarter in the machine and, trying not to offend but to make a point, jokingly said, “Jim, for 25 cents I can maintain my integrity. A dollar, questionable, but 25 cents—no, not for 25 cents.”

I pondered on the worth of my integrity and decided I want to value it more highly and more consciously.

I heard heaven’s white noise today in my strengthened resolve to be honest.

p.s. behold the water-painting talent of my roommates from FHE tonight!

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