Almost missed my flight!

I flew from Provo to Phoenix today and got a couple bird’s-eye views of the temples along the way. The Payson picture was too blurry, but here’s the Manti temple :)

Manti Temple, Bird's eye view

This has been a long week, tiring in a lot of ways, and I’m excited to have the weekend with my brother Matt and sister-in-law Chandler!

My HWN today was the fact that I caught my flight on time, even though I left work with only 30 minutes until boarding and 1.5 hours until take off. I was able to make my 35-minute drive home, finish last-minute packing, and my brother Danny rushed me to the airport. I was the last one in line, but I made it!

p.s. BYU upset Gonzaga (No. 25) at Gonzaga the second year in a row! Gonzaga’s only loses at home both seasons do far!

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