Testimony of eternal families

This morning I got to meet up with the husband of the couple I mentioned last night — going through a temporary separation, unsure what will happen. We talked for a couple hours. By the end, and after last night as well, I was emotionally and physically tired. I also felt spiritual sorrow and at the same time peace. I am comforted in the fact that both of these individuals are sincere in trying to discover what is best.

We talked about the importance of families, and I shared how seeing their difficulties brought fear about my future family. My friend shared his testimony of eternal families, and that he expects Satan will try to use his current separation to challenge others testimonies of the family — especially those close to him. I realize more clearly that I need to base my testimony of eternal families in doctrine and the witness of the Spirit, and not in people!

We ended with a discussion of faith, and a quote Elder Holland shared at a mission conference during my mission:

“Faith isn’t faith until you have no more left to give.” (see also this post)

This friend expressed feeling close to having nothing left to give, and I have felt that at times in the past. I know it’s a place where faith can make miracles happen!

I heard HWN today in the Spirit of our conversation.

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