Provo City Center Temple

As clean as the temple

I was able to volunteer in the Provo City Center Temple open house tonight, and serve in the wheel chair area — among other things, this allowed me to push a guest through the temple and enjoy the tour myself at the same time :)

Afterwards, I was privileged to participate in the “VIP” tour of parts of the temple, including a couple areas I’d likely never go otherwise (children’s waiting area for sealings and the bridal room).

And finally, I finished by helping with cleaning of the temple. I got to vacuum the chapel, a nice large carpet in the hall, and the carpet in the main entry way. Interestingly, I found myself vacuuming more thoroughly than I ever have in the past! We want to keep the temple clean, right?! While cleaning, I pondered on how my body is a temple as well :) and felt a desire (my HWN today) to keep myself as clean as I was currently trying to keep the temple!

p.s. Jenny opened her mission call today! :)

Minnesota Minneapolis, Spanish-speaking! :)


2 thoughts on “As clean as the temple

  1. I had the same kind experience during the Montreal Temple Open and at the end I was also asked to help cleaning but the Sunday evening AFTER the dedication, because the first session with general authorities was to be held the next morning. Because I love the temple I was paying attention to everything. Yes, we had to be quick, but we specially had to clean it well. It made me ponder about how much attention we put in sanctifying ourselves when we rededucate our lives to God at sacrament or while we perform ordinances in the temple. We might want to clean quickly just to be over, but being clean sometimes takes longer, and it’s important to take that time in order to be completely clean, and pure, and to be worthy to be called true followers of Christ. I love the understanding that volunteering for the temple can gives us.
    Thank you for sharing this. I just discovered your blog and it seems quite interesting… Keep up the good work!

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