Close calls

This isn’t common for me, but I had a couple close calls on my drive home tonight…

One was my fault — making a turn, merging into traffic, and not realizing how fast the traffic was coming. No honks, and not too close of a call, but being surprised when looking in the rear view mirror is never good… The second was someone merging into my lane from the left, while I had another car on my right! Thank goodness for horns! I’m grateful I made it through these safely. And later at institute tonight, I heard about the son of a bishop in my stake, who recently passed away from a motorcycle accident.

These things all remind me of how fragile life can be, of the importance being present and mindful, and of how little control I really have! I heard HWN today in God’s protecting hand in my life!

Also went to a fun BYU game tonight with my brother and some friends :)

BYU Basketball vs Loyola Marymount

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