Catastrophe and Kindness

Although my hopes and goals were high, not many of them panned out this morning, and the day turned out quite stressful. I didn’t accomplish most of what I wanted to in the morning. I ended up a few minutes late to work and a meeting with my boss. Only one person responded to my several email inquiries regarding housing contracts in Provo, and a home listing I was interested in was taken offline between last night and this morning (probably sold). At work, I ended up having no down time, and my list of to-do items only got longer by the time I was hoping to have left. I finally left about 30 minutes later than planned, and kept my coworker waiting some time before our long road-trip down to Cedar City.

The positives of the day came from those around me :) My boss was very gracious about my tardiness to our meeting. The clients I worked with were sincere. My home teacher helped me find a last minute ride to the freeway where I met my coworker carpool. And this coworker was very patient and kind in waiting for me.

I heard HWN through the kindness of those around me!

Wirthlin, Kindness

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