Discounted Parking

I loved getting to know the Kell family (my friend Lisa’s family who I strayed with) and New York City this weekend, and it was tough saying goodbye!


…even on a rainy day like this one :)

I flew to Boston where my coworker and I will be attending a conference, and we went to a Red Sox game tonight to kick it off :)

My HWN today was when (after a lot of things went wrong — lost luggage, unnecessary expensive taxi ride, and accidentally-missed toll booth) a guy gave us discounted parking! We were left with only about $0.75 in cash by the end (we gave him everything we had, minus the cost of the toll roads back to our hotel) but we made it in!

And it’s a good thing we don’t drink at all — beers are $10 a can! The guys in front of us had 6 or 7 each!

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