Marlborough and Cambridge

There were several things that I consider HWN from today :)

First, that the clerk stayed after at western credit union to help my coworker Jennifer and me get some cash (after about an hour of attempting other ways… It’s easy to get stranded here if you don’t have an EZ-Pass, or cash for the toll roads). We walked in just as she put up the signs!


Next was the beautiful nature and sunset over a lake near Marlborough :)


And then having some time to catch up with my friend Katherine in Cambridge, who I hadn’t seen for a few years :)


And then meeting a new friend, Derek, and hearing about his experience being baptized 4 months ago. He described reading the Book of Mormon as “a massage to my soul” :)


I also got to walk around Harvard campus for a short time before heading back to Marlborough :)


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