Expectation independent of experience

I heard a comment a couple months ago that “hope is expectation based on experience.” This phrasing didn’t really sit well with me. I have hope for a lot of things that I’ve never experienced… and for a lot of things that I’ve almost only had bad experiences with. So, I decided that hope for me is “expectation independent of experience.” In this perspective, hope is a choice. And it is of necessity a constant and consistent choice. I find myself daily choosing to “hope for a better world” (Ether 12:4). My HWN over the past week has been choosing to hope :)


And here are some recent picture highlights :) Danny and Sarah were sealed in the San Diego Temple two Saturdays ago! Here’s an album of some pics from their various events.

Danny and Sarah at San Diego Temple

I flew with my parents and brother Josh to Washington for my grandpa’s funeral. It was a peaceful and uplifting time with family :) Here’s a album with pictures from the couple days there.

Demar, Graveside, Family

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