Families are forever :)

Today brought several highlights related to family… First, we visited my grandma in the morning, where her brother (my great-uncle) Louie also visited — how special to see him great his sister of 75+ years! Before leaving there, my brother Josh and sister-in-law Amanda said goodbye to Jeremy for the next two years!

And I can’t ever pass up opportunities to share pictures of my cute niece :)

Aubrey at Grandma GG's

In the evening, my mom, dad, Jeremy, Danny, and I participated in sealings for the dead in the San Diego Temple. A nice couple and their daughter were also there, where they were sealed for the father’s parents and grandparents. It was a special ordinance to witness :)

What a beautiful building to participate in beautiful ordinances in!

I heard HWN today in the power of family relationships :)

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