Year’s end and memories

Happy New Year!!! :)

It’s another late night, and I need to get to bed… but here’s my post before I go to sleep :)

I spent most of today running errands with my mother, taking advantage of after-Christmas sales and making some exchanges. We also met up with the rest of our family here for lunch and ice cream :)


For the evening, I spent some time sorting through some of my pictures from the past few years. New Year’s eve is a good time for reflection, and here was one of my favorite memories I came across…

P1430166 (1)

Having lunch with Mohammed Al-shepat and his family in Bethlehem in 2013. Mohammed was the first Palestinian to be baptized LDS, and one of the few LDS members living in Bethlehem! I heard HWN remembering the wonderful time we had there :)

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