It doesn’t matter when (#2)

In my last post, I wrote about trusting that our Heavenly Parents will bless us rather than worrying about when.

I think they feel the same way about us.

Our Heavenly Parents truly love us no matter when we return to them. They just want to make sure that we do. Elder Holland taught this principle saying:

His concern is for the faith at which you finally arrive, not the hour of the day in which you got there.

The Laborers in the Vineyard
And they’ll be perfectly patient along the way.

Even though I often struggle waiting on their perfect timing, my Heavenly Parents never struggle waiting on my imperfect timing in my steps forward.

The thing God enjoys most about being God is the thrill of being merciful

Surely the thing God enjoys most about being God is the thrill of being merciful, especially to those who don’t expect it and often feel they don’t deserve it.

The Laborers in the Vineyard
Does that mean we can be more patient too?

Because they are perfectly patient, perhaps we can also be more patient with ourselves and others as we stumble forward on our path back to Them.

My recent HWN has been in trying to emulate the patience of my Heavenly Parents in my attitude toward myself and others.

p.s. Christmas with my family was wonderful. Especially my nieces :)

My niece made me this “coupon” while at a restaurant. I gave it to the waitress in front of my niece (as a joke), and she came back about 10 minutes later to let us know it wasn’t possible to apply to the check…haha. Somehow she actually took it seriously :D

p.p.s. The California weather in December is also beautiful (especially compared to the snow of Utah).

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