Jeremy’s ordination

My dad reminded me and my brothers of our line of priesthood authority that can be traced back to Christ, as Jeremy received the Melchizedek Priesthood today:

  • Christ ordained Peter, James, and John
  • Who appeared to and ordained Joseph Smith
  • Who ordained Brigham Young
  • And so on through Wilford Woodruff
  • Abraham O. Woodruff
  • Albert G. Goodrich
  • Alva L. Duvall
  • DeMar E. Duvall
  • Jim P. Duvall (my dad)
  • Jeremy Duvall (my brother who was ordained today!)

I felt the power of the priesthood acting as Jeremy was ordained today and during my parents testimonies afterwards :)

I heard HWN today while participating in Jeremy’s priesthood ordination.


Some pics from the day…

Visiting with grandma :) It was a miracle that she was able to attend our sacrament meeting where Danny shared his homecoming talk!

Some shots of Danny at church

Dinner and chilling at home

And then of course we ended with a few more rounds of nerts tonight, which some friends, Cheyenne and Alyssa, stayed for as well, and then family scripture study and prayer :)

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