Life is about giving

I saw The Greatest Showman again a couple days ago. I love it :)

Who deserves to be saved?

P.T. Barnum “saved” outcasts and runaways in a world that said they didn’t deserve it. He gave them a home and a family.

Later when Barnum’s choices landed him homeless and family-less, when nobody thought he deserved saving, those same people came back and rescued him!

But life isn’t about deserving.

Life is about giving.

By definition, a gift can’t be earned or deserved. It can only be given and received. It’s the same way with relationships and salvation — like between Barnum and his friends, or between us and Christ :)

My HWN recently was remember that salvation and relationships are gifts.

p.s. This was the longest gap between posts since I started my blog. I was figuring out how to transfer to a new server. Since the last post I had fun visiting Lava Hot Springs with friends :)

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