Life’s Sandpaper

I’ve reflected on this quote from Elder Maxwell recently (my HWN):

“So often in life a deserved blessing is quickly followed by a needed stretching. Spiritual exhilaration may be quickly followed by a vexation or temptation. Were it otherwise, extended spiritual reveries or immunities from adversity might induce in us a regrettable forgetfulness of others in deep need. The sharp, side-by-side contrast of the sweet and the bitter is essential until the very end of this brief, mortal experience. Meanwhile, even routine, daily life provides sufficient sandpaper to smooth our crustiness and polish our rough edges, if we are meek.” (Enduring Well)

Most of my life could not be described as “spiritual reverie” or “immunity from adversity.” Apparently, that’s by design… to keep me from regrettable forgetfulness.

I think the times without “the sweet” are when faith really exists. Faith isn’t a feeling of confidence about the future, or even about the present. Rather, I think faith is when enduring when I don’t feel confident about the future… when I’m scared or anxious. When I think failure is the most likely outcome. Or when I’m just lazy. Faith is acting faithfully when it’s not natural.

Over time this type of faithful living helps me become what I need to become :)

Elder Maxwell

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